Have you ever met people who seems like the most helpful people on earth only to find that something about their intentions that doesn’t seem ‘right’?

This is a problem that are faced by some people who make it their mission to ‘create good karma’ for others.

In the karmic wheel, everything balances out in the end. So even when you are helping someone out of good will, you are actually creating karma that they will ‘owe’ you or someone.

The ego can be very deceptive. Just because you are helping others, does it mean that you are truly altruistic and helping people for helping people’s sake or you are helping people to fulfill the ego’s needs of looking like a helpful person?

It gets worse, that people do not realize that they could be creating secret dependencies – that you need to feel needed all the time and that is very bad for the people you help as well. They owe you something on a karmic level and at worst, you could be hindering them on their spiritual journey.

The best way to illustrate this principle is to envision a caterpillar. This caterpillar is on it’s way to become a butterfly and it wraps itself into becoming a cocoon. A man walks by and sees the caterpillar at the final stages of their metamorphosis and trying to squeeze its way out of the cocoon and decides to lend a hand by ‘cutting the cocoon’. The new butterfly comes out easily, but lo and behold. It CANNOT fly!

Nature has intended that the process of metamorphosis requires the new butterfly to have an iron will and fight it’s way out of the cocoon. The muscles the butterfly develops is necessary so it will be strong enough to fly. Cutting the cocoon will doom the butterfly to failure because it lacks the ‘spiritual experience’ it needs to fight it’s way out and creates a death sentence for it – it will never fly again.

Are you cutting up cocoons? Stop trying to help yourself by helping others. Work on yourself and tame the elusive ego and you will live a more balanced life.