When a soul incarnates on earth, it’s essence is pure but along the way, it starts to adopt dualistic thinking.

What does dualistic thinking?

It’s the kind of thinking that is:

– Us versus them
– Either me or you
– Survival of the fittest
– Red ocean mentality

Dualistic thinking focuses on differences and lack. This kind of ‘it’s either us or them’ thinking is a form of separation.

For example, an entrepreneur sees his old beer drinking friends as dead beat friends. He then hears that his friends are trying to get a new startup started and suddenly he doesn’t see them as deadbeat friends anymore.

But what if there is no such thing as deadbeat or no deadbeat? What if there’s only love?

What if there’s something more than just either/or thinking? What if there’s both?

Introducing the 3rd option. According to the late Stephen Covey – author of the famous 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, he believes that the mentality of the 3rd alternative eliminates the either/or thinking and doesn’t create ‘enemies’. Everyone helps each other and it turns formal competitors into collaborators.

The idea that there’s only love eliminates judgmental thinking and leaves people trapped in their ego. Today, look at ways how you can spiritually embody this 3rd option and create more love for others.