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When we say “raising consciousness” what do we mean by that? Raising consciousness is simply a process of unloading our baggage and freeing ourselves so we become light beings as we really are. We become open within ourselves letting us become aware of our higher self and true nature.

So why is this an important practice? Because it is important for us to be fully integrated with our higher self. Once we are connected with our soul, we change from being ego driven to spirit led individuals.

Here are some tips to shift and raise your consciousness.

  1. Be yourself and feel comfortable in your body. Don’t practice competitive spirituality where you may think you are not as spiritual or judge whether people are less conscious than you.
  1. Don’t let yourself be defined by earthly identity. What we do is just our role – like actors on a stage. Allow your true self shine through.
  1.  Choose to let go of fears at all times. We are not just limited to what is acceptable and comfortable. Don’t be scared to enter a dark room, instead find a way to let the light in to illuminate the room.
  1. Don’t be hard on yourself. Raising consciousness is like peeling an onion – it happens layer by layer. Free will and choice is what will enable someone to do so.
  1. Shifting consciousness is a perfect opportunity for you to sit with your own feelings and observe things from a higher perspective. Concentrate with your natural reaction and not on external triggers. That way you recognize the core beliefs and underlying reasons of your reaction thus allowing you to free yourself and let go allowing your consciousness to rise naturally.