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Are You An Old Soul Living With In A Family Of Younger Souls?


Sometimes when you have lived many lifetimes and incarnate in a family of young souls, your family might not understand you because you are different.

This is a common phenomena because your soul has gone through a lot of experiences in past lives but your family members have not and are learning different life lessons compared to you. They might even judge you if you are a seeker on the path of a spiritual journey.

A few tips to assist you on your path:

– Have compassion for younger souls. They are not as experienced as you are and you can understand where they are coming from

– Relate to them on their level of understanding. Trying to pour too much water in a small cup will only spill over so be patient.

– Pursue your own path regardless of what people say.

– Find others who are also on this path. Your physical family may not understand you but there is a spiritual family out there who will.

May this article bring your soul comfort.

How Do I Know I Have Transcended?


Achieving a higher state of consciousness – as some people call transcendence is a very essence driven subject.

People may ask themselves, “How do I know I’ve truly transcended my current state of consciousness?”

– Have I truly shed my old, unenlightened ways?
– Do I see the universe in a new perspective?
– Am I less dogmatic than before?

These are interesting questions to explore.

A very good example is dogmatic organized religion. While there may be many people who are truly devoted to the divine while identifying with a religion, there are many others who use organized religion self-righteously as a form of control which is completely devoid of essence.

Some might say – if I have truly transcended, I will have to shed my ‘old ways’ and ‘old dogmas’ by throwing the baby out of the bathwater.

The truth is, organized religion isn’t bad – like a gun, it’s what people do with it that counts.

Think of beliefs, dogmas, systems and rules of conduct as an eggshell – it is a container that is necessary to contain the egg.

If you do not have the eggshell, it will be a mess as the essence of the egg splatters all over the place.

If you have truly transcended, you do not need to get rid of the container.

A being that has come to a higher state of consciousness can still keep their containers because their containers is the vessel of their essence – giving them a beautiful flavor and package that the world can relate to.

In short, the finger that is pointing to the moon is not the moon. But that doesn’t mean that the finger isn’t useful to the point that we have to chop it off. It’s when we start arguing which finger is better than takes our true attention away from the moon.

Amma The Divine Mother


Mata Amritanandamayi – popularly known as Ammachi The Hugging Saint or simply as Amma (mother) is one of the oldest souls still alive on the planet.

Amma is a perfect master. She is one of the chosen divine beings come to earth in human form with a message of love to spread to the world. Her modality of spreading love to the planet is by embracing people – one hug at a time.

Her arms are open to everyone as she works tirelessly every single day (literally) and she doesn’t turn anyone away as she continuously gives Darshan (seeing a divine being) for 20 hours straight without resting. Even her disciples take shifts just to support her but she still goes on and on imparting her divine love through her warm embrace.

Meeting a divine being like Amma is a beautiful and rare opportunity because her embraces is her way of showing her love for each individual and she makes the supreme sacrifice by taking on your karma so you will not be burdened by it.

Amma is also very enthusiastic about changing the world through her organizations and charitable foundations. If you have the chance to meet her on one of her Darshans, your spiritual life will definitely change.