Sometimes when you have lived many lifetimes and incarnate in a family of young souls, your family might not understand you because you are different.

This is a common phenomena because your soul has gone through a lot of experiences in past lives but your family members have not and are learning different life lessons compared to you. They might even judge you if you are a seeker on the path of a spiritual journey.

A few tips to assist you on your path:

– Have compassion for younger souls. They are not as experienced as you are and you can understand where they are coming from

– Relate to them on their level of understanding. Trying to pour too much water in a small cup will only spill over so be patient.

– Pursue your own path regardless of what people say.

– Find others who are also on this path. Your physical family may not understand you but there is a spiritual family out there who will.

May this article bring your soul comfort.